Chemistry Uncovered – Come On World (feat. Sir David Attenborough)

Whilst not strictly a dance track for your floors “COME ON WORLD” can certainly be something for your shows. This is not our world but it is our time. See if you can support one of the greatest living humans, Sir David Attenborough, and Chemistry Uncovered (Bill, Wendy & Ellie Hester) by playing this song, maybe as the closing moment in your show to symbolize where WE are after thousands of years of humanity on this most incredible planet. This is not our world but it is our time, time to show up for the futures of our families. Ps, a point to ponder. Every second breath we take comes from the oxygen produced by the planet’s oceans and seas. Once they are depleted of their oxygen producing capabilities by deep-trawling, ocean-bed super fishing vessels, we are DONE.

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