Greg Hudik – I Miss Living In A Country Town

In 1986, Greg Hudik’s first show ever was in front of an estimated crowd of 400,000+ college students, which was hosted by MTV. It was promoted and financed by Chewels, Pontiac and Hawaiian Tropic. An estimated 80 million people tuned in, worldwide, to watch MTV’s very first Spring – Break in Daytona, an internationally televised event. It was an awesome lineup with The Beach Boys, Mr. Mister, The Bangels, Starship, John Cafferty and the Beaver Brown Band, as well as Greg Hudik!

John Rosin, who recorded Peter Frampton’s, Jackson Browne’s, and Bob Seger’s live records, also recorded Greg Hudik’s, first ever, live record made even more special because it was released on Greg’s own “Platinum Records Nashville” label, when he was only 24 years old! What a special day! This was a great way to take the first steps in his lifelong quest and also, beginning his first quarter of life, living for his music career.

With the passing of his father when Greg was still in the 5th grade, Greg learned the value of a dollar, early on, from a mother that had to raise 6 children of her own.

So, Greg saved enough of his hard-earned money to finance his music startup and career. Greg’s childhood prayers and his dream career literally started on the right note that very special day on MTV, and he continues to live his dream that God put in his heart as a child still today, living with no regrets. As a Southern Rock artist Greg Hudik has launched with success, many singles to Triple A, and Mainstream Rock.

Greg Hudik has only released a handful of singles to Country Radio. Writing 42 country songs published by Sony Tree ATV, and 62 country songs published by Erv Woolsey, and George Strait. Greg Hudik has made Nashville his home and he has been writing on Music Row for well over a quarter century.

George Strait recorded his very first “Honkeytonk Gospel” song. Self-titled and written by Greg Hudik, “I Found Jesus On The Jailhouse Floor”, released on the only George Strait record to ever debut #1 the first day of release.

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