Melinda Schneider & Mark Gable – Together We Belong

In September 2022, Multi Golden Guitar Award winner and chart-topping singer/songwriter, Melinda Schneider, and Choirboys’ front-man Mark Gable tied the knot after fourteen years of un-wedded bliss – their unconditional love shared through song in the duet ‘Together We Belong,’ which the pair will release on October 28 2022.

Their ten-year-old son, Sullivan, can lay claim to the exchange of nuptials, having initiated the proposal in 2020.

“Our little boy, Sullivan came to me and said; ‘Mummy, will you please marry Daddy? I just don’t want anyone else to marry you!’, How could I refuse such a beautiful proposal?”, Melinda explained.

Master Sullivan walked his mum down the aisle last month, when Melinda and Mark married on their favourite beach near their home on the Central Coast.

“For me, marrying Melinda was the greatest moment since the creation of the universe”, says Gable. “Even better than Led Zeppelin’s ‘Stairway to Heaven’.”

An inspired track co-written by Melinda and Nashville friend, Ben Cooper, and produced by Rod McCormack (Troy Cassar-Daley, Gina Jeffreys, Adam Harvey, Beccy Cole), ‘Together We Belong’, was penned with Mark in mind almost fourteen years ago.

“When Mark and I first got together, I knew that we were soul mates just a few weeks in”, Melinda recalls. “It took Mark a little longer to believe that we were right for one another. I wrote this song as a way to show him how sure I was about us and hoped that it would take away some of his fears. I guess it worked! Here we are fourteen years later, happier than ever.”

Mark says, “Melinda has always written great songs, and it just so happens that this one is one of my all-time favourites of hers. I’m flattered that I was the inspiration.”

Melinda has enjoyed 40 years in Australian entertainment releasing a whopping 15 albums and been awarded six CMAA Golden Guitars. Her authentic sound and honest songs have strongly resonated with fans, but being true to herself has always been paramount to her success. In 2023, Melinda will release her long-anticipated 16th studio album titled ‘Created Equal’.

As the original front man of enduring Australian Rock band, Choirboys, Mark has spent the best part of the last four decades, thrashing away at the guitar, writing songs and belting them out as the lead vocalist for the Oz rock-music icon, which has been responsible for both some of the biggest hits of the eighties. Their massive hit of 1987, Run to Paradise which peaked at No. 3 on the Australian charts, became one of the highest selling singles of the eighties, earned double platinum record sales for the album Big Bad Noise and is still one of the most played Australian rock songs on radio today.

William Lee Golden and The Goldens – Take It Easy

Country and Gospel Music Hall of Fame and Grand Ole Opry member William Lee Golden and his sons ‘The Goldens’ join together in perfect harmony with the release of “Take It Easy,” from their new 3-album set, ‘Golden Classics’. Each group member’s talent shines on their version of the Eagles’ hit song, and their fun-loving chemistry is heard throughout the single. ‘Golden Classics’ which includes ‘Southern Accents,’ ‘Country Roads,’ and ‘Old Country Church,’ is the highly anticipated collection that contains over 30 songs spread across several genres that all have an impact on the lives and careers of William Lee Golden and The Goldens. Recently, William Lee Golden and The Goldens made their Grand Ole Opry debut as a family and continue to add shows throughout the country. The music video for “Take It Easy” was featured by M Music & Musicians Magazine and the single is available to download on all digital platforms today!

“This has always been a family favorite and since this is the 50th Anniversary for the song, it seemed appropriate to include on our new project. I hope everyone enjoys it as much as we enjoyed creating it,” shares William Lee Golden.

‘Southern Accents,’ ‘Country Roads’ and ‘Old Country Church’ were recorded when Golden gathered his sons Rusty, Craig, and Chris, his grandchildren Elizabeth, Rebekah, and Elijah, and friends Aaron McCune, and Ben Isaacs to bring their fresh interpretations to longtime favorites. William Lee Golden and The Goldens deliver reminiscent renditions of Johnny Cash’s “I Still Miss Someone,” and Jim Reeves’s “Welcome to My World.” Chris shines on Tom Petty’s “Southern Accent,” while Rusty delivers a vibrant take on Bob Seger’s hit “Hollywood Nights” and Craig, the rarely heard Golden, revives Gregg Allman’s “Multi-Colored Lady.”

More About William Lee Golden and The Goldens:
There are few things more powerful than family harmony and rarely has that been more evident than on the three new albums recorded by Country Music Hall of Fame and Oak Ridge Boy member, William Lee Golden who, along with his talented sons have created William Lee Golden and The Goldens. The Brewton, Alabama native cements his considerable legacy in the music industry with three distinctive collections that reflect his musical roots and the journey that has made him one of America’s most unique troubadours. From revered gospel classics to beloved country gems and iconic rock favorites, Golden leads his family through the songs that have been stepping stones on his well-traveled musical journey. It all comes together as a rich sonic tapestry that fans will cherish. For more,