AMARI & Lowkie – Survive

AMARI Is a female dj – producer with some previous successes. Going out went over 2 million streams. AMARI always makes lyrics with a message. This time it is about survive. In may 2021 she was diagnosed with cancer, that sadly already spread. She is fighting to get well again, to survive. To write a new chapter in her book. AMARI always thought she needed people to survive, but she came to the conclusion that you don’t need other people to survive. You need a positive mindset. And you need to live your life to the fullest. That is why the song goes ‘ I need you to survive, don’t need you to survive’ . Thinking you need other people to be happy. But all you need is making first yourself happy. With this song she worked together with LOWKIE a Canadian artist. They met each other through this rough time. All that resulted in this amazing song that will hit you with his message and nice dance beats.

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