Jackson Capps – LAX

Springsteen meets Country in Jackson Capps’ angsty yet nostalgic

first-love-lost breakup song ‘LAX’ – Australian Radio Premiere August 6


“Jackson has the unique ability to create modern music that appeals to fans of country music from any generation. I find his sound refreshing and exciting.”
– Chris Yow, Raised Rowdy

“[About LAX] A bright country pop song with a rousing chorus and some emotive delivery alongside…”
– Bristol Funk

“[About Yesterday’s Makeup] With a booming baritone voice and the support of an all-star roots band, Jackson delivers a bittersweet mix of country-flavored melody and beautiful harmony. Classic elements of fiddle and electric guitar come together behind this rock-solid groove to support the tragedy of a love gone wrong, as we experience the vicious grasp of loneliness, and the power it has to lead us astray…”

Nashville based, Alabamian country artist Jackson Capps released his angsty yet nostalgic breakup song, “LAX” on August 6 2021, with his Australian Radio Premiere the same day.

That feeling of a first-love-lost is explored in “LAX” as it paints the picture of a long anticipated departure from LA after a bittersweet breakup. While country sensibilities are clearly evident with Capps’ classic tone, fiddle and slide guitar, “LAX” also channels the sounds of America with influences of Bruce Springsteen meets Ryan Adams, and melancholy Don Henley vibes.

“LAX” was co-written by Capps, Alex Tomlins and J.W. Faria, co-produced by Capps, Alex Tomlins and Jed Smith, performed by Capps’ Nashville live band, mixed by GRAMMY-award winner Brandon Bell, and mastered by Daniel Bacigalupi of Infrasonic Studios.

While many artists have been inspired by country music from a young age, Capps additionally had an once-in-a-lifetime experience at the age of 12 when Marty Stuart invited Capps on the Grand Ole Opry stage to perform with him. Determined to pursue his dream, he graduated high-school early to relocate to Nashville and has spent the last 3 years consistently writing and honing his live performance skills, performing 4-5 times a week with his six-piece band. In 2020 Capps released two singles with “Yesterday’s Makeup” charting at #83 on the Australian iTunes Country Charts.


Jackson Capps is a country artist and songwriter based in Nashville, TN. Inspired by the storytelling of country music, the Alabama native traveled back and forth to Nashville from a young age, where he had a chance meeting with Marty Stuart at the age of 12 and was subsequently invited to perform with him on the Opry stage. His excitement turned to calming peace as he performed on that famous stage, reassured in his desire to pursue a music career.

Determined to get his career underway, Capps graduated high school early and relocated to Nashville in 2018 (at 17). He has since been writing consistently and performing at Tootsies Orchid Lounge four-five times a week with his six-piece band (performing over 200 gigs/yr). Capps seeks to consistently hone his skills, learn from multi-talented musicians and writers, and create meaningful and emotive music.

Capps’ touring plans started with two sold-out headline shows, one at Workplay in November 2019 and the second at Iron City in March 2020 and came to a crashing halt the following weekend due to Covid-19 shutdowns. Undeterred, Capps refocused his attention to release his first two singles and focused on writing for his upcoming releases in 2021.

Jackson’s single, ‘Alabama Gone,’ was released in October 2020 and followed by a music video in January 2021, which has over 60,000 combined views. The song follows a complicated relationship across Alabama with an ex on the loose, betrayal on his mind, and a morally questionable conclusion.

‘Yesterday’s Makeup,’ Jackson’s first stand-alone single, was released in July 2020, which generated thousands of streams in the first week, playlist features on Whisky Riff and ChillFiltr amidst others, and charted at #83 on the iTunes Country Charts in Australia (thank you Australia).

His first release and self-titled debut EP of 2018 was co-produced with Jack Key and engineered by Grammy award winning Zach Allen.

Jackson prides himself on performing with exceptional and highly sought after musicians from across the world (Australia, Canada, and across the US). His band currently consists of Courtney Wray (backing vocals), Alex Tomlins (guitar), Eric Dysart (fiddle), Darren Theriault (bass – Garth Brooks, Huey Lewis and the News), and Jed Smith (drums & percussion).

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