Good Will Remedy – Ghost Town

Ghost Town is a well used song title but one that has particular relevance given the on/off again nature of COVID lockdowns and the subsequent effect on communities and lifestyles the world over.

Yet the bigger issue has been how various parts of the not so silent community have reacted and behaved in the face of a life and history changing pandemic. Lead singer Will continues “well yes, it continues to be a massive challenge to us all, but the way the majority of the planet has reacted has been so disappointing – some of the abrasive nature of our behaviour toward each other is something I thought I would never see”

Ghost Town is the second single off upcoming EP “Same Old Crows…” and follows lead single Lightning Bolt – a release that recieved national rotation on Australian ABC Country Radio and reached #42 on the Australian CountryTown Radio Airplay charts and was the second most downloaded song in the first week of release.

Good Will Remedy harness all that’s good from country, alt country and rock – and mix it all together in a southern fried feel-good alt Countryesque Americana style all their own.

Music Blog B-Sides and Badlands hail GWR as a band that’s ‘steeped in cool Americana and alt-rockroots – both charmingly Petty and satisfyingly triumphant”.

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