Katrina Burgoyne – Songwriter

Following the success of ‘Tennessee’ hitting number five on The Music Network’s Official Country Hot 50 Radio Chart, the Nashville-based Australian songstress Katrina Burgoyne has released the most vulnerable song she has ever written, ‘Songwriter’. A solid offering, ‘Songwriter’ is Katrina’s moving anthem for all of us who have struggled to carry on in tough times.

The Aussie singer-songwriter grew up on the stages of Tamworth’s Country Music Festival. A two-time Golden Guitar-nominated recording artist with several top 10 singles and an ARIA-charting album with ‘White Flag’ .

Even in her teens, Katrina was a prolific songwriter and dreamed of living and working in Nashville, Music City, USA. Sometimes you can be too comfortable in your one traffic light hometown so, in 2017, she took a massive leap of faith and flew to Nashville with just a suitcase, a guitar, and her little Aussie battler attitude.

Soon, Katrina began performing on Broadway and across Tennessee and Kentucky to support herself while chasing her dream of becoming a full-time songwriter. Katrina was working her voice hard, singing five to seven nights a week while struggling with the Tennessee pollen. However, 18 months of laryngitis took her voice, threatened her livelihood, and dream of making it in Nashville. She considered moving back to Australia for a much-needed sinus operation, but she hung on.

“I had such a deep calling to be in Nashville. Countless days spent inhaling eucalyptus and steam so I could head out again that night and make my living. It almost broke me,” Katrina said. “That was when ‘Songwriter’ came to me, in the middle of the night with a tear rolling down my cheek, I thought: ‘Maybe I should just give up, wrap it up and move on home. I didn’t want it to be the end of my Nashville story – I wanted this to be my fight song. After months in my songbook, I got the courage to take it to one of my most trusted co-writers, Jake Anderson, who told me he sometimes feels the same way.”

A live performance of ‘Songwriter’ has generated in excess of 100,000 views on Facebook, and Katrina has realised that this song isn’t just about the creative journey. Fans and supporters have related to this song and spoke of their hardships and doubts, sharing ‘Songwriter’ more than 750 times.

“This song is about getting back up and trying again. 2020 was such a tough year, I couldn’t think of a more perfect time to remind people we are not alone in our doubts and that we are stronger than we know,” said Katrina.

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