Hamish Anderson – Morning Light

“Morning Light,” the newest single from Australia’s Hamish Anderson, is a first for the “Singer/Songwriter and Guitar Hero” (Billboard.com 2018) in many ways.

It was remotely produced while Hamish was in lockdown in Melbourne, Australia. His band, Lauren Stockner (Bass), Matt Musty (Drums, Grace Potter) along with soulful Backing Vocals by Jessica Childress, and producer David Davis were in Los Angeles, CA.

This single has a positive tone and really brings Hamish’s own feelings front and center. He wrote this going prior to 2020; but while the world was evolving, this song not only resonated with his audience, but also became an acoustic mantra during all his shows. He’s excited to have an electric version of it to share.

Lastly, “Morning Light” is a first time collaboration for Hamish in that it was co-produced by Hamish and David Davis (Miguel, The War on Drugs, Lauren Ruth Ward). As a result, it is dripping with 70s style rocknroll swagger, building from a driving guitar & drum beat to boldly distorted T Rex meets Rolling Stones tones.

With “Morning Light” Hamish Anderson comes into his own as not only a co-producer; but also tapping into the zeitgeist of the new framework for us all.

“‘Morning Light’ came to me when I was on my first European tour in 2018. I remember I was lying in the back of the van with the sun shining on me when the lyrics and melody just popped into my head. I had been thinking about all sorts of hard times that everyone has to endure — and how much of it actually turns out okay. I wanted to capture that feeling of hope that a new day can bring by reminding myself that things will get better – and that these everyday moments really do shine through, if you pay attention.” – Hamish Anderson

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