DJ Reitt & Shanara – Saxo Mambo (Remixes)

As a follow up to their 2020 EP, Canto a Babalú Ayé (Remixes), DJ Reitt & Shanara have put together a selection of new remixes of their track “Saxo Mambo”. Teaming up with Cuban DJ/producer Eslan Martin, the four track EP offers an avant-garde fusion of Cuban electronic music. As for the inspiration behind the song, “Saxo Mambo pays tribute to one of the most popular Cuban rhythms and the renowned singer Benny Moré”, explains DJ Reitt.

DJ Reitt & Shanara are a Cuban house duo. DJ Reitt is a pioneer of the fusion of Cuban and electronic music and is a large supporter of Latin House in the Cuban scene. He is the creator of valuable platforms such as Space for Electronic Culture and created the 2019 Habana Ciudad Electrónica festival. Vocalist and bassist, Shanara, has acted as arranger and composer in a wide variety of styles such as: Bolero, Danzón, Bachata, Pop, in addition to dabbling in electron music styles such as house. She has participated in different festivals on the national scene such as Cuerda Viva, Las Voces Human, Eyeife. In 2018 she was selected to join the Childish Gambino band in the short film “Guava Island”.

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