ivee – Paris in the Winter

Self-producing artist and composer ivee is a London solo pop act, debuting her single ‘Paris In The Winter’ on February 25th 2021, as the first half of her double single ‘_substance_abuse’. Born Niki Poplonyk in Poland, ivee moved to London aged one. After having the opportunity to live in Brno, Czech Republic and Milan, Italy as a young girl, she decided to pursue music in secondary school. She later attended the BRIT school for college to further study her passion, where she was spotted by Little Cousin Records who signed her for her debut release.

ivee took an interest in music from an early age, learning to play the drums and taking piano lessons as a girl in Italy.

After returning to England, she auditioned and got a place at her secondary school with a drum kit scholarship, where she initially aspired to be a DJ, after watching Martin Garrix explain his ‘Animals’ production on YouTube and getting inspiration from the 2010’s EDM music scene.Soon, this passion turned into a desire to perform and produce her own songs, where she has total control over sound design, marrying her prodigious talent on the drums with perfect chord progressions and samples to create the ideal complement to her raw and personal lyrics.

Her music is the pop blend of future RnB and hybrid trap, influenced by musical role models like Post Malone, The Weeknd, Flume and LDN Noise. Carefully chosen chords, flaunt trap and hip hop drums, which are strung together with future bass transitions and sound design. Despite the uplifting seeming lyrics in the 90’s pop inspired single ‘Paris In The Winter’, the underlying meaning behind them explores a darker theme of how drug usage feels, where her second single ‘_substance_abuse’ (featuring K-hip hop artist Villain) acts as a sequel, exploring the inevitable tragedy of coping mechanisms. These two tracks announce ivee as a stunning new artist to watch in 2021.

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