Delilah Montagu – This Is Not A Love Song EP

London-based alt artist Delilah Montagu has released her latest EP This Is Not a Love Song.
The 6-track collection is an impressive and emotive body of work made with Robin Hannibal.
Delilah explains how “the songs on this EP are about the end of a relationship… the rawness and honesty of this EP is very exposing, and it is the most openly I have ever written about my life.”
The focus track of this EP is ‘This is Not a Love Song’. The track opens with the twinkle of an elegant harp and cuts to a calmed beat with guitar strums and Delilah’s elegant vocals.
The song outlines Delilah’s emotive standpoint on the end of a relationship, how she blames herself.
Delilah’s 2020 singles ‘Version of Me’, ‘Loud’ and ‘Us’ all feature on this EP and have more than 5.1M global streams combined.
This is Delilah’s second EP; her first being the critically acclaimed In Gold, which really worked at cementing her as a pop artist with a bit path ahead.

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