Innocent Eve – Three Quarter Time

‘Three Quarter Time’ is a cry for help. It’s about wanting someone to relieve the loneliness and the aching for connection during a long, self-imposed solitude. It’s a feeling of disconnection from everyone and everything, feeling afraid to step outside into the world and just wishing someone would come by and make you feel better.

Country music duo Innocent Eve is set for the next chapter in their musical journey as they step into the irrefutably changed landscape of 2021. Made up of sisters Rachel and Bec Olsson, their debut 2015 release, the album ‘Temporary Balms’, reached critical acclaim and notable airtime across Australia, placing in the CMC Top 40. Since then, the pair have worked exclusively with award winning producer, Matt Fell from Love HZ Studios in Sydney and released an EP ‘True North’ in 2016, as well as two singles in 2020, ‘Mixed Bag’ and ‘Viking’.

This February 1, the girls see the release of their latest single ‘Three Quarter Time’ from the soon to be released album ‘Viking’. Written by Bec, the song is a reflective lament on some hard times experienced in recent years “I wrote this song during a lonely time in my life, after moving a long way from my family and friends. I suppose ‘Three Quarter Time’ is a cry for help”. With 2020 under our belts, it’s possible to imagine that many people will relate to the sentiments of the song and the sense of isolation it embodies. The lyric ‘Throw me a rope, shine me a light’, could in fact translate to many people’s experiences of the past year.

With a Chris Stapleton influence infusing the track, it is a departure from the style, theme and tone of the girls’ previous release, ‘Mixed Bag’, but promises to be one that can be enjoyed and related to by the girls fans.

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