Dr Jaymz – Tidal Wave

Using his musical talents and lyrical gifts, Dr Jaymz, an EDM (electronic dance music) artist from Boston has released a new single – ‘Tidal Wave,’ to combat a growing crisis plaguing the United States – opioid addiction and overdose deaths. The Centers for Disease Control says drug overdose deaths spiked nearly 30% this year, with other countries following a similar trend. It’s a bleak milestone, and this grim data is even more concerning after overdose deaths were on the decline since 2018.

Dr Jaymz is different from any other EDM artist. As the world’s first missionary to become an EDM artist, his goal is to transform lives through music. From the narrative lyrics, to the sizzling dance music and character-driven video, his new single is showing people that drugs aren’t the only way, and there is a hope that can break every chain and addiction – the living water. Dr Jaymz says, “My desire behind this song was to create a dope electronic dance beat with an uplifting drop and lyrics that inspire hope, which is especially important in today’s crisis-stricken world.” In other words, Tidal Wave is more than a song, it’s a message of hope for all those who feel trapped in a world of addiction and depression. Its message will inspire listeners to look beyond their current situation and be awakened to new life in Christ – the living water.

This is a message that can relate to all of your audience. There are times when everyone feels lost without hope. As data shows, many people turn to drugs and other outlets to numb their pain. The opioid epidemic needs unique and exceptional ways to reach people. Tidal Wave is a different way to reach members of your audience who feel tempted by drugs or trapped by addiction.

Benny Allen – Sing A Song For Me

Award-winning singer-songwriter Benny Allen has done it again, racking up another No. 1 single with ‘Sing A Song For Me’, out now. Released September 3, ‘Sing A Song For Me’ hit No. 1 on the iTunes Country Songs Chart and No. 10 on the All Genre Songs Chart.

Describing it as a song for those who can’t write love songs, Benny was inspired to write the song after chatting with friends about how people fall in love if they can’t write a love song.

“I’m in the very fortunate position where I can do that,” Benny said. “For the people who can’t write the love song – this one’s for you and maybe people can play it to the person that they’re trying to sort things out with.”

Benny said the song was about people who were trying to make a relationship work because they still cared about the other person and they still want the other person to think about them, so ‘sing a song for me’. “I’m a storyteller, so I just want people to hear the story,” he said. “I’ve always been really happy with this song and having now recorded it and hearing the way that it’s all come together, I’m really proud of it.”

With Michael Carpenter again in the production seat, Benny recorded the piano and vocals at home near Melbourne, with Michael adding the rest of the instruments in his studio in Sydney with Madi Hodder on backing vocals.

“I’d been playing it like a folk song on guitar and was going to record it that way, and I only sat down on the piano two days before I was going to send it to Michael and I was still unsure of where I was going to go with it, so I sent both guitar and piano versions,” Benny said. “When Michael said we could do it one of two ways and said piano power ballad, that’s when I knew that that’s what I’d been trying to achieve with it.”

JD Reynolds – Whatever

#WHATEVER ‘IT’ is, it IS JD Reynolds!

“Whatever” is this year’s perfect summer song from Aussie Singer-Songwriter, JD Reynolds.”

“Whatever” is a swaggering celebration of girls-night-out, sisterhood-is-powerful solidarity.”
– Cowboys & Indians

“Look out Country Music video world… JD Reynolds has left her mark! WHATEVER… Just in time for going back out on the town. Outtakes… worth the wait.”
– The Hollywood Times

“JD Reynolds released her unapologetic, vivacious single “WHATEVER,” which is filled with a lot of sass and attitude. The listener can recall Shania Twain meets Gretchen Wilson.”
– Markos Papadatos, Digital Journal

“JD Reynolds lays it on the line with a ‘no muss no fuss’ performance in her new video for “Whatever”!”
– Guitar Girl Magazine

Country singer/songwriter JD Reynolds sets the scene for a carefree, feel-good time with the release of her hot new single, “WHATEVER “. This girl-power anthem features Reynolds and her girl gang headed for a night out, enjoying each other’s company because it’s simply all they need. Playful and powerful, “WHATEVER” is the perfect tune to add to every girls-night-out playlist. The music video shows JD’s “WHATEVER” attitude, dancing on tables and ignoring all country boy temptation. “WHATEVER” signifies that the only approval needed is your own!

The “WHATEVER” music video was exclusively premiered by Country Rebel and is available to download and stream on all digital services now.

“WHATEVER is the attitude of 2021. Go out, do WHATEVER you like, wear WHATEVER you like, say WHATEVER you like, and don’t give a dang about WHATEVER anyone thinks of you. Let’s go!” shares Reynolds.

About JD Reynolds:
A true singer, a real songwriter, a neoteric producer, an incredible dancer, and a striking performer, all wrapped up in a stunning package, and yet, her down-to-earth country girl charm is what makes this extraordinary artist so real. JD’s sound is fresh originality for country music. “My entire album came to me like a bolt of lightning, the JD sound, my sound, respecting country music roots yet having my own next level twist”. As an up-and-coming producer, JD teamed up with Grammy-nominated seasoned producer Braddon Williams, credits include Beyoncé, Snoop Dogg, The Script, and Kelly Clarkson. Together, Braddon and JD have produced what country music insiders have nicknamed “The Jagged Little Pill of the Country”.

Laci Kaye Booth – Shuffle

Nashville-by-way-of-Texas newcomer introduced herself earlier this year with a debut album, an 8-track collection of tracks featuring her single ‘Shuffle’ which blends her raspy yet velvet alto with the echoes of her Country influences from Merle Haggard to The Chicks and Shania Twain.

“My whole life, I prayed, and I wished for this to happen. I prayed for it every night, and every time I’d blow out my candles on my birthday cake, I’d wish for it,” Laci recalls. “In my heart of hearts, this is exactly what I always wanted.”

After her signing with Big Machine Label Group, Nathan Chapman, James Slater, Charles Kelley, Sam Ellis, Laura Veltz, Jimmy Robbins, Liz Rose, and so many more joined the fold. Treasured Nashville songwriters who welcomed Booth completely with open arms. Through word of mouth in the Nashville songwriting community she quickly proved herself and became a sought-after artist for collaborating. Co-writing every track on this collection, each one is every bit as unmistakable, unforgettable and uninhibited as her pure tone and whisper-tinged vocals.